“Simply smarter. Simply safer. Simply STEINBAUER”.

All MS-RT  performance parts are now available on the M-Sport store. Our performance parts are available to any customer and will make you stand out on the road. Developed for the Ford Transit Custom and Ranger, the Steinbauer improves fuel injection and torque for a truly unique driving experience. Whether you require better towing capabilities with your trailer/caravan or more assistance climbing hills – the Steinbauer meets the needs you require.

How does it work?

The Steinbauer changes the injection duration allowing accurate fuel control through the engine. The Steinbauer does not interfere with common rail-pressure making it the smartest, safest choice for your van.


Is there a warranty with my purchase?

Steinbauer supply a one-year replacement warranty with any purchase however this can be upgraded to three years when registered online within 30 days of purchase. Read more about the warranty here 


What vehicle can the Steinbauer be used on?

The Steinbauer can be purchased for use on the Ford Transit 2.0 DCI Euro 6  (click here for more information and pricing) and the Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCI Euro 6 (click here for more information and pricing).



Quick facts

  • Up to 25% power increase and torque
  • Manufacturers safety settings are unchanged
  • Petrol modules influence fueling to maintain safe air / fuel ratios
  • Proven, safe power gains – we never over promise and under deliver on power increases
  • Perhaps most importantly – the Steinbauer is entirely safe for your engine.


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